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Adam in the Afternoon

Make your afternoon drive entertaining and informative with Adam in the Afternoon on Quicksie 98.3

Life Hacks You Need Right Now // Adam In The Afternoon

Here are a few life hacks for you: You can use Windex to get a ring off your finger . . . put your onions in the freezer for ten minutes before chopping them so you don’t cry . . . and if you run out of kindling, you can start a fire using chips.

Geriatric Millennials // Adam In The Afternoon

New term alert:  If you were born between 1980 and 1985, you’re a “GERIATRIC millennial.”  Meaning older millennials who are good with computers, but also remember what it was like before everyone was glued to their phone.

Baptist Health Hardin My Chart // Adam In The Afternoon

A new electronic health record system is set to replace the current one employed by Baptist Health Hardin. To help you understands what this means for you and your family Tom Carrico, Baptist Health Hardin Vice President and COO spoke with Adam Fuller.