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Adam in the Afternoon

Make your afternoon drive entertaining and informative with Adam in the Afternoon on Quicksie 98.3

Mindful Minute: Kindness

For centuries, people have knows about the power of kindness. Not only does kindness help others around you, it also has a positive impact in your life. Doing good has been scientifically proven to do great things for your health too. Performing intentional acts of kindness expands your ability to love others. If you need extra encouragement to keep kind, the bible is an excellent source.

Mindful Minute: Two Sides To Every Coin

Sometimes in life, negative thoughts can control how we feel. They often cause our emotions to spin out of control; dictating how we react to situations. Dwelling on the negative will breed frustration and discontentment. But just like a coin there is another side; dwelling on the positive will breed joy and contentment.