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Adam in the Afternoon

Make your afternoon drive entertaining and informative with Adam in the Afternoon on Quicksie 98.3

Five Cooking Mistakes // Adam in the Afternoon

What are the most common mistakes we make when cooking at home? According to professional chefs, they include cutting your vegetables unevenly . . . using dull knives, which are more dangerous . . . and opening the oven too many times to check your food.

Live Bands // Adam in the Afternoon

After 28 years in the industry, Daft Punk is calling it quits and hanging up the helmets. The worst part…WE NEVER GOT A TOUR AFTER 2007! If anyone saw them live, they got to witness legends in action. Name a band you saw live that no one can ever see again!

Chance of Rain // Adam in the Afternoon

There’s a TikTok video blowing people’s minds right now . . . because it reveals that the “chance of rain” in a weather forecast doesn’t mean what we all thought. 30% does NOT mean there’s a 30% chance it’s going to rain . . . it’s based on a formula that multiplies how likely it is to rain by how much of the area the rain is going to cover.