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Adam in the Afternoon

Make your afternoon drive entertaining and informative with Adam in the Afternoon on Quicksie 98.3

Closet Tips // Adam in the Afternoon

Some guy tracked his entire wardrobe for three years to figure out what he wears and really NEEDS. He found that sometimes more expensive things are cheaper on a “cost per wear” basis. Clothes that match with ANYTHING get used the most. And buying something that’s similar to something you already own is a waste.

NTI // Cecilia Valley Elementary

NTI will resume at Cecilia Valley Elementary tomorrow through February 5. THIS IS ONLY FOR FOR CECILIA VALLEY ELEMENTARY! No other HCS schools are affected.

In-Person instruction will resume there on February 8 (Group A) and February 9 (Group B).

One Liners // Adam in the Afternoon

Arnold Schwarzenegger promising “I’ll be back” in The Terminator, Toy Story’s Buzz Lightyear saying “To infinity and beyond”, James Bond requesting his martini “Shaken not stirred”; these are all iconic Hollywood one-liners. Can you name others?