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Adam in the Afternoon

Make your afternoon drive entertaining and informative with Adam in the Afternoon on Quicksie 98.3

What Are These People Chanting // Adam In The Afternoon

The Successor to “The Dress” and “Yanny vs. Laurel”: What Are These People Chanting? There’s a TikTok video going viral right now where people are chanting . . . something.  It kind of sounds like “Bart Simpson Bouncing” . . . “Rotating Pirate Ship” . . . “Lactates in Pharmacy” . . . or “Baptism Piracy.”  But apparently, they’re actually saying “That Is Embarrassing.”

Community Action Spring Subsidies // Adam In The Afternoon

Central Kentucky Community Action spring subsidies are now available. Krystal Agnew from Central Kentucky Community Action talks about what the program is, what Community Action does in the community and how to apply for help from Community Action.

Feeding America Anthem Food Distribution // Adam In The Afternoon

Feeding America, Kentucky’s Heartland and Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield will host a mobile food pantry to celebrate the continuation of their years-long partnership as well as Anthem’s commitment of $420,000 to provide fresh produce to those facing hunger in our area. The mobile Food Pantry will be at 1041 West Park Road in Elizabethtown May 26 from 9 am to noon.