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Why advertise on the radio?


With today’s consumers being exposed to several hundred advertising messages per day radio is a better choice than ever to remind consumers and keep you top of mind!


Radio is available to everyone in our geographic area, as well as a worldwide audience online. Radio is on 24/7, reaching over 91% of people age 12 and older every week and 67% daily.


Radio reaches listeners in-car when they’re driving to stores, restaurants, etc. Your message reaches consumers when they’re ready to buy.


Research shows that Radio listeners have a low level of ad avoidance, staying tuned in through commercial breaks.


Audio-only medium stimulates a different part of the brain than visual ads such as video, print, and online images. Radio has also been proven to drive consumers to advertisers’ websites.

Cost Effectiveness

Radio is less expensive to buy than most major media, allowing advertisers to afford maximum reach and effective frequency.


Audiences tend to listen to relatively few radio stations and are loyal to their favorites… Radio continues to be the #1 source of music discovery despite other media platforms. “Radio continues to be perceived as central to people’s lives, especially when contrasted with the precipitous decline by other traditional media” – Nielsen Audio/Edison “Infinite Dial”.

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