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Hardin County Sheriff’s Office Investigates Shooting In Cecilia

The Hardin County Sheriff’s Office responded to a shooting in Cecilia Friday night. “Shortly before 11 PM on March of 10, we received a 911 call of a possible domestic violence and a shooting at a location on Hansborough Lane in Hardin County. Upon deputy’s arrival, they discovered one man that had been shot in his leg. An air ambulance was called. He was transported to University Hospital in Louisville with non-life threatening injuries. It was called into us as a domestic situation and at this time, that’s what it appears to have been. At this time, there’s no charges that have been filed,” stated Sheriff John Ward. The investigation is ongoing.

City Of Elizabethtown Workers, Citizens Make Progress On Storm Debris Clean Up

As communities continue to clean up after the wind storms from March 3, the City Of Elizabethtown has provided an update on their clean up efforts. “We had a tremendous week of storm debris cleanup from last Friday’s storm. As of Thursday, 623 loads had been taken to the city’s multipurpose storage facility. Four hundred fifty loads were collected by city personnel and 171 loads were delivered by city residents. As always we thank you in advance for your patience as we all continue to work together to clean up the city,” said spokesperson Amy Inman. The Multipurpose Storage Facility is located at 1600 Nicholas Street.

KY Transportation Cabinet Right Of Way Clean Up Following Storms

The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet wants to let motorists know that crews will be out over the days and weeks to come to remove trees from right-of-ways along roadways following the wind storm. “This is definitely a unique situation. Many times we have these weather events and we can pull resources or shift areas where we need to concentrate more heavily on cleaning up or clearing. But in this case, we had widespread damage over every county in the district. Our resources are spread thin, and it’s gonna take a while to get everything cleaned up,” said spokesperson Chris Jessie. Motorists should remain alert and pay close attention to flaggers in areas where crews are working.

EPD Reminds Motorists About Slow Down, Move Over Law

The Elizabethtown Police Department wants to remind motorists about Kentucky’s Slow Down, Move Over law. “Most people are aware Kentucky law requires that they give way to any emergency vehicle being operated in an emergency response mode. Some however, are not aware that, when possible, they also have a statutory obligation to switch to a lane not adjacent to a stopped emergency safety or service vehicle with activated flashing lights. When switching lanes isn’t possible, motorists at a  minimum must slow down when passing. Tragedies happen in a split second.The last thing we want is to have to tell someone’s family member that their loved one won’t be coming home because of a completely avoidable fatal collision. Please remember, slow down and move over,” said spokesperson Chris Denham. Motorists should also stop clear of intersections when an emergency vehicle is approaching and stay there until the vehicle has passed.

Transportation Cabinet Promotes “Check To Protect” Vehicle Recall Campaign

The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet is sharing information about their “Check To Protect” campaign. National Vehicle Safety Recall Week is going on through March 12. In partnership with The National Safety Council, the Transportation Cabinet wants drivers to take time to check whether their vehicle is among the 1 in 5 cars and trucks with unrepaired safety recalls currently on the road in Kentucky.  “One thing we want folks to realize is that these recalls are not necessarily just about you and your vehicle. Keep in mind when those recalls are issued, they’re serious situations in a lot of cases. The safety of other motorists on the road is definitely at stake. So we want folks to be sure and check, be sure they have those recalls up to date as best as possible,’ said Transportation Cabinet Spokesperson Chris Jessie. Many recalls involve defective parts which could pose life-threatening risks to drivers and passengers. This campaign is to encourage vehicle owners to be proactive in checking their vehicle status when they get it serviced and scheduling those free repairs. To check if your vehicle is subject of a recall, go to