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Glendale Train Derailment Updates

Work has continued overnight in Glendale at the site of the train derailment that occurred yesterday afternoon.“Crews are still on the scene at this time, still removing carts and laying new tracks down in downtown Glendale area. At this time, still the two main crossings are blocked in downtown Glendale although the Gilead Church Road crossing is open at this time. The goal was to try to get those crossings open by this afternoon at some point,” said Hardin County Emergency Management Director Joey Scott. The CSX train went into emergency to avoid colliding with a semi-truck and trailer stuck on the crossing on Gilead Church Road. Twenty-one rail cars were derailed. There were no hazardous materials involved. The investigation is on-going.

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There was a train derailment in Glendale yesterday afternoon. An official statement from CSX Railroad hours after the accident sent to WQXE news shared the following: “ A CSX train went into emergency attempting to avoid a collision with a semi-truck and trailer stuck on the crossing. Preliminary reports indicate that 21 rail cars derailed as a result of that emergency action. No hazardous materials are involved.” According to an update from the Transportation Cabinet at 7:30 last night, the Gilead Church Road KY 1136 South opened back up. The KY 222 crossing would likely remain closed for several days. “Obviously the downtown crossing at 222 in Glendale. That’s going to be closed for a while. I can’t tell you what awhile means, but it’s not going to be a quick issue with that particular crossing. That’s where you know most of the mess is and cars overturned. All of that to 222 is going to be closed.” We will continue to update this story throughout the day.

KY 224 Bridge In Grayson County Demolition Updates

Preparation for the demolition of a bridge over the Western Kentucky Parkway has started. The KY 224 bridge, which is between mile markers 111 and 116 in Grayson County, is part of an asphalt rehabilitation project along the parkway. One lane of the bridge will remain open using temporary signals to alternate one-way traffic over the bridge. The eastbound off ramp is closed but the other ramps remain open. “It’s not uncommon for contractors to get on a job site, start working and then realize we’re going to have to tweak or adjust plans for how we maintain traffic during a project. That’s the case with the 224 bridge. It was realized we were going to need to do some ramp closures we originally planned not to do any. It’s necessary here to get the work done and do it in a timely fashion that doesn’t have the project drawn out over a long period of time. These decisions were kind of made at the last minute here as work started. As we go through the project and other traffic impacts take place, we will push to announce these impacts in a more timely fashion,” said Transportation Cabinet spokesperson Chris Jessie. The project is scheduled to wrap up by November 15 unless work schedules are affected by weather. Drivers in the area are encouraged to follow the Transportation Cabinet District 4 social media or sign up for emails to get the latest updates.

Study On RCUTs On US 31W Shows Successes

The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet says the RCUTs along US 31W In Elizabethtown are showing success in what they were designed to accomplish. “From both the safety and efficiency standpoint, we were very pleased with the results of the North Dixie RCUT project by the Kentucky Department of Transportation.. In 2022, we saw a 41% reduction in collisions and of those collisions, those involving injuries were also reduced by just over 41%. With traffic volume on the rise, it’s imperative that proactive steps are implemented to minimize its impact. This is firm proof that engineering efforts were effective, and quite honestly, we are excited to see the outcome of the upcoming projects,” stated Elizabethtown Police Department Spokesperson Chris Denham. The Transportation Cabinet reports in its release that prior to the project, there were 130 total crashes in 2019 with 12 of them being injury crashes. Construction was completed on the northern section in November 2021, and collision data indicates a total of 76 crashes in 2022 with 7 being injury crashes. Traffic volume data for 2020 were not considered due to COVID and 2021 was during construction. Travel time through the area is also benefiting from removing two signalized intersections and the more structured median layout. Traffic efficiency data is still being gathered and more detailed results will be available within the next year. 

Hardin County Schools Early Preschool and Kindergarten Registration

Hardin County Schools will be holding Preschool and Kindergarten early registration today. “We’re excited to host early registration for preschool and kindergarten for the 2023-2024 school year at our elementary schools. Now it will not take place at Meadow View, Radcliff, Vine Grove and Woodland because those kindergarten and preschool students attend North Park Elementary. So the rest of our elementary schools that will take place from 9:00 AM until 1:00 PM,” said Hardin County Schools spokesperson John Wright. If a parent cannot attend today, you can still get your child registered. “If you cannot make it to the early registration event, you can reach out to those elementary schools and schedule a time where you can come in between now and the beginning of school next year and register your child for preschool and kindergarten.” Parents seeking to register their children into preschool will need to bring those children with them to the event as there is a screening process to be done then. To view information about what will be needed and locations, go to the HCS Kindergarten Readiness Facebook page or call the HCS Early Childhood Education department. 

Quicksie vs The Wolf Community Blood Drive Tomorrow

98.3 WQXE and 94.3 The Wolf are holding a community blood drive tomorrow at the Pritchard Community Center. “Blood is used every two seconds somewhere in the United States. So that need never goes away. With the weather, some people aren’t out donating. But the problem is, the need for our patients doesn’t go away. And that is our top priority is to make sure every patient gets what products they need and when they need them.,” said Red Cross spokesperson Tammy Ritchie. If you have never donated blood before, Ritchie explains the process. “You come in. You do a medical history. We screen to make sure you’re okay to donate. Once you go through that, you go over, you lay on a comfortable bed. Our staff walk you through the whole process. I call it a little pinch in the arm and that little pinch in your arm will help three patients in our area hospitals that need blood.” The Quicksie vs Wolf blood drive is tomorrow from noon to 5pm. You can get more information or register online at