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Hardin County Schools Early Preschool and Kindergarten Registration

Hardin County Schools will be holding Preschool and Kindergarten early registration today. “We’re excited to host early registration for preschool and kindergarten for the 2023-2024 school year at our elementary schools. Now it will not take place at Meadow View, Radcliff, Vine Grove and Woodland because those kindergarten and preschool students attend North Park Elementary. So the rest of our elementary schools that will take place from 9:00 AM until 1:00 PM,” said Hardin County Schools spokesperson John Wright. If a parent cannot attend today, you can still get your child registered. “If you cannot make it to the early registration event, you can reach out to those elementary schools and schedule a time where you can come in between now and the beginning of school next year and register your child for preschool and kindergarten.” Parents seeking to register their children into preschool will need to bring those children with them to the event as there is a screening process to be done then. To view information about what will be needed and locations, go to the HCS Kindergarten Readiness Facebook page or call the HCS Early Childhood Education department. 

Quicksie vs The Wolf Community Blood Drive Tomorrow

98.3 WQXE and 94.3 The Wolf are holding a community blood drive tomorrow at the Pritchard Community Center. “Blood is used every two seconds somewhere in the United States. So that need never goes away. With the weather, some people aren’t out donating. But the problem is, the need for our patients doesn’t go away. And that is our top priority is to make sure every patient gets what products they need and when they need them.,” said Red Cross spokesperson Tammy Ritchie. If you have never donated blood before, Ritchie explains the process. “You come in. You do a medical history. We screen to make sure you’re okay to donate. Once you go through that, you go over, you lay on a comfortable bed. Our staff walk you through the whole process. I call it a little pinch in the arm and that little pinch in your arm will help three patients in our area hospitals that need blood.” The Quicksie vs Wolf blood drive is tomorrow from noon to 5pm. You can get more information or register online at

Hardin County Fiscal Court Update

Hardin County Fiscal Court held their regularly scheduled meeting last night. It was shared during the meeting that during the wind storm on March 3, the county EMS received around 1,000 calls in just a few hours and the coordination and support from other departments helped with the response efforts. Magistrate Patsy Whitehead shared information to aid citizens in getting involved in county government through participation at the committee meetings. “Fiscal court is comprised of four committees. If a citizen would like to speak at one of those meetings, all they need to do is contact Fiscal Court, or if they know the committee chairperson, they can contact that magistrate and ask to be added to the agenda. This is the opportunity for our community to take part in what’s going on in Fiscal Court and to make a difference. If they want their voices to be heard, just reach out to us and we’ll be more than happy to add you to that meeting. And you’ll have an opportunity to speak,” said District 3 Magistrate Patsy Whitehead. Judge Executive Keith Taul has noted previously that concerns should be addressed through the committees prior to bringing them to Fiscal Court so information can be gathered to be able to speak on the subject. Committee meetings are listed on the Hardin County Government calendar. The next regularly scheduled Fiscal Court meeting will be on March 28 at 5:30 PM.

Roundabout Updates For Several Projects

Roundabout construction continues around Elizabethtown and Hardin County. Dates for the Dolphin Drive and Josale Drive intersection closure have been changed to March 23 through April 6 due to the current extended weather forecast. On KY 251 at Pear Orchard, the center of the intersection has been closed as the removal of that portion is ongoing. Motorists traveling from French Street and Pear Orchard will now have to turn right at the intersection as the closure doesn’t allow for crossing of the intersection. The project completion for this location is around April 1. Construction on the large roundabout at the end of US 31W Bypass at KY 1136 has seen traffic working well but some adjustments will be taken to help with delays around school traffic. The Transportation Cabinet says a release will be issued in the coming days to address those changes. 

HCS Hosting Information Session About Teacher Education Initiative For Students Tonight

Hardin County Schools will be hosting an information session tonight for those interested in the recently announced district teacher education initiative for students. “We will be having an information session at 6:00 PM at John Hardin High School to talk about our tuition assistance program for students who enter post-secondary teacher education programs in college. We announced an initiative last month that Hardin County Schools will pay up to $350 per credit hour to pay for their teacher education classes at any post-secondary education institution in Kentucky. This is our way of trying to combat the teacher shortage in our school,” stated spokesperson John Wright. Students who participate in this initiative will be contractually obligated to return to Hardin County Schools as a teacher for three years. Interested students are asked to attend with at least one parent or guardian and no RSVP is required.