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Praise & Shine Devotion

Wake up to inspiring music with an inspiring message Sunday morning on Quicksie 98.3. Scott Goettel is your host for Praise & Shine every Sunday morning at 8 AM.

Praise & Shine 51: Dancing Before The Lord

A number of years ago, a man and his wife, Carolyn, visited a small church where during the worship service a woman began to dance in the aisle. She was soon joined by others. Carolyn and her husband looked at each other and an unspoken agreement passed between them: “not me!” They came from church traditions that favor a serious liturgy, and this other form of worship was well beyond their comfort zone.

Praise & Shine 50: A Flourishing Tree

Are you a collector? There are countless numbers of us who’ve always had a collector’s heart. As a kid, or even now, an example is perhaps collecting stamps, baseball cards, comics, or teddy bears. You may ask, or someone else may ask, do you really need another teddy bear?

Praise & Shine 49: Beat Again

In 2012, Phillips, Craig and Dean released their song “tell your heart to beat again.” It was inspired by the true story of a heart surgeon. After removing a patient’s heart to repair it, the surgeon returned it to the chest and began gently massaging it back to life. But the heart wouldn’t restart. More intense measures followed, but the heart still wouldn’t beat. Finally, the surgeon knelt next to the unconscious patient and spoke to her: “Miss Johnson,” he said, “this is your surgeon. The operation went perfectly. Your heart has been repaired. Now tell your heart to beat again.” Her heart began to beat.

Praise & Shine 48: Is God There?

There are times when we might feel as if God isn’t with us in our troubles. That’s when we depend on what we can see of His works in our lives, in the past and present. They’re the visible reminder of an invisible God—our God, the Father of Jesus Christ, who is always with us and will answer in His own time and way.

Praise & Shine 47: Honor Your Parents

Being a father or mother for that matter has rich rewards. As a father myself, I have a new appreciation for our Heavenly Fathers love for us. Even when my children disappoint me, my love for them continues, much the same way our Heavenly Fathers love never fades for us.