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Praise & Shine Devotion

Wake up to inspiring music with an inspiring message Sunday morning on Quicksie 98.3. Scott Goettel is your host for Praise & Shine every Sunday morning at 8 AM.

Praise & Shine 40: Let Us Praise

God’s continued faithfulness toward His beloved children inspires us to acknowledge Him. As we do, others can join us in trusting Him, revering Him, following Him, and acclaiming Him as Lord. 

Praise & Shine 39: Together

There was a man who wondered why is there a football in the parking lot? But as he got closer, he realized the greyish lump wasn’t a football: it was a goose—what he described as the saddest Canada goose he had ever seen…

Praise & Shine 38: Our Deepest Longings

Some people will expend immense energy attempting to amass wealth in an effort to secure their lives. It’s a fool’s game. “Whoever loves money never has enough,” scripture insists (Ecclesiastes 5:10). Some will work themselves to the bone. They’ll strive and push, comparing their possessions with others and straining to achieve some economic status. And yet even if they gain supposed financial freedom, they’ll still be unsatisfied. It’s not enough. As the writer of Ecclesiastes states, “this too is meaningless” (v. 10).


Praise & Shine 37: Innocence Found

“I’m not who I once was. I’m a new person.”

Those simple words from a young man, spoken to students at a school assembly, describe the change God made in his life. Once addicted to heroin, this young man previously saw himself through his sins and mistakes. But now he sees himself as a child of God.

Praise & Shine 36: Places Of Difficulty

World wide, we’re in a challenging a place of difficulty.  It’s an understatement to say “uncomfortable” situations can confuse us, but, they need not derail us when we cling to the One who loves us (v. 3), satisfies us (v. 5), helps us (v. 7), and whose right hand upholds us (v. 8). Trust The Lord, because His love, grace, mercy, comfort, guidance, more than sustains us, and we can express our satisfaction with lips that praise and honor God (vv. 3-5).