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Praise & Shine

Wake up to inspiring music with an inspiring message Sunday morning on Quicksie 98.3. Scott Goettel is your host for Praise & Shine every Sunday morning at 8 AM.

Never Alone // Praise & Shine

Loneliness is a significant struggle—God created us to offer and receive the benefits of friendship and community. If you’re feeling alone, pray that God would help you form meaningful connections with others. In the meantime, find encouragement in the reality that the believer is never truly alone because Jesus’ Spirit is always with us (Matthew 28:20).

Made Alive // Praise & Shine

The Apostle Paul wrote the book of Colossians to the Church of Colossae. In it there is still some valuable information that we can apply to our daily lives. We should shed our old life and put on the new one though Christ, showing love and compassion for one another, living as those made alive in Christ.

To Be Human // Praise & Shine

“Some men don’t cry because they fear it is a sign of weakness,” Jesus’ idea of what it meant to be strong was different. 

Christ shows us that healthy people know when to cry and why. He cried because His Father cares and His Spirit groans for children who couldn’t yet see what breaks His heart. 

Small Fish // Praise & Shine

Over several years, a British couple living in West Africa developed a strong friendship with a man in their town and many times shared the love of Jesus and the story of salvation with him. Their friend, however, was reluctant to relinquish the lifetime of allegiance he had to another religion, even though he came to recognize that faith in Christ was “the greater truth.”

Trust the Light // Praise & Shine

Jesus foretold of a storm on the horizon, one that would involve His death (John 12:31-33), and one that would challenge His followers to stay faithful and serve (v. 26). It was going to get dark and be almost impossible to see. Almost. So what did Jesus tell them to do? Believe, or trust, the Light (v. 36). That was the only way they could keep going forward and stay faithful.