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Death & Grief // Praise & Shine

The loss of a loved one, whether it’s sudden or expected, can leave us shocked and unprepared. Your grief can leave you feeling lost and alone. Your mind becomes flooded with things you wish you had said or done. You wish you could say “I love you” one more time. You may not feel ready to say goodbye or deal with the grief that has overtaken you. When you are dealing with grief, your emotions can scatter your thoughts. In the middle of this confusion and difficult time, remember a few simple truths from the bible.

The Apostle Paul calls death our “enemy” (1 Corinthians 15:25-26). Death reminds us that we live in a broken world. Death was never part of God’s original design. When you recognize this, you will long for the final restoration of all things, when the last enemy–death–has been defeated.

Death leaves us feeling alone, but remember, you are never alone in the darkness. Your Savior, Jesus, has taken the name Emmanuel, or “God with us.” This name reminds you that when you came to Christ, you also became the place where God dwells! His presence makes it impossible for you to be alone. (John 14:15-20)

The death of Jesus Christ is a powerful demonstration that the best things can come from the worst. Peter said that Jesus’ death was an evil thing done by evil men to the only truly good person (Acts 2:22-36). Jesus died on the cross so God could defeat sin and death–two enemies we couldn’t defeat on our own. In the same way, God can and does bring wonderful things out of the darkest moments of our lives.

One day death will be put to death. The loss of a loved one should remind you that God’s work is not yet complete. Because of sin, death entered the world. Jesus died so we would no longer have to die. When He rose from the dead, death was defeated. Until He returns, we still experience death but one day life won’t give way to death. Children won’t mourn their parents, parents won’t mourn their children, and there will be no widows or grieving friends.

On the cross Jesus defeated death, and his resurrection is your guarantee that one day, all who believe in Him, will be resurrected to a life of glory and peace. One day He is coming again to end physical death and usher in a new heaven and earth where there will be no death, no tears, and no sorrow (Revelation 21:1-4).

If you are struggling with the grief after the loss of a loved one, please read this article for a deeper look into biblical truth, and how to find healing in God.

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