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Easter // Praise & Shine

What does Easter mean to you? Is it just another Government holiday? A day off work? Or maybe a money grab for candy companies? To Christians, Easter is the most important time. More important than even Christmas! Yes, Christmas is important but it doesn’t save us from our sins.

Jesus’ birth only appears in two of the gospels, his ascension, in another two and Acts. But do you know what is mentioned in every single gospel? Not Jesus’ birth, not even Jesus’ teachings, but Jesus’ death and resurrection.

Easter is so important because our Christianity revolves around the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Without that resurrection, Christianity would be meaningless because our sins would not be forgiven by the sacrifice of Christ. If it wasn’t for Easter we would have to continue living like the Jews of the old testament, offering up animal sacrifices to the Lord for our sins.

Easter is just as important today as it was nearly 2000 years ago because it represents how Jesus saved us from our sins by dying and rising again after three days. Conquering death so that we may live for eternity with our Heavenly Father. For all of humanity, not just the Jews, but also the Gentiles that their sins may be redeemed if they believe in Him.

So let’s celebrate Easter like it’s the most important time of the year. Because it is. What it represents is life. It is the center of our faith.

Happy Easter

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