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Praise & Shine Devotion

Wake up to inspiring music with an inspiring message Sunday morning on Quicksie 98.3. Scott Goettel is your host for Praise & Shine every Sunday morning at 8 AM.

Praise & Shine 36: Places Of Difficulty

World wide, we’re in a challenging a place of difficulty.  It’s an understatement to say “uncomfortable” situations can confuse us, but, they need not derail us when we cling to the One who loves us (v. 3), satisfies us (v. 5), helps us (v. 7), and whose right hand upholds us (v. 8). Trust The Lord, because His love, grace, mercy, comfort, guidance, more than sustains us, and we can express our satisfaction with lips that praise and honor God (vv. 3-5). 

Praise & Shine 35 – It’s Time To Pray Again

During this troubling time in our nation and the world, God hears and cares about our concerns, whether they’re spoken boldly, sobbed silently, or secured deep in a hurting heart. He’s always ready to make us strong in His power, as He invites us to pray again and again and again.

Praise & Shine 34 – Circumstances

In 1985 Anthony Ray Hinton was charged with the murders of two restaurant managers. It was a set up—he’d been miles away when the crimes happened—but he was found guilty and sentenced to death. At the trial, ray forgave those who lied about him, adding that he still had joy despite this injustice. “after my death, I’m going to heaven,” he said. “where are you going?”

Praise & Shine 33 – Plans Disrupted

The Bible has many stories of disrupted plans. On his second missionary journey, Paul had sought to bring the gospel into Bithynia, but the Spirit of Jesus stopped him (Acts 16:6-7). This must have seemed mystifying: Why was Jesus disrupting plans that were in line with a God-given mission?

It’s sensible to make plans. But God may disrupt our plans with His own. Our challenge is to listen and obey, knowing we can trust God. If we submit to His will, we’ll find ourselves fitting into His purpose for our

Praise & Shine 32 – Recently In Nashville

Recently in Nashville, a tornado ripped through town in the middle of the night. It was unexpected…It was sneaky…and It was destructive…there was loss of life and loss of property. In the case of this storm, it did not matter what materials the houses and businesses were made of. Buildings made of brick and stone might as well have been constructed of straw.

But Jesus told a parable that illustrates the importance of what our lives are built on – whether solid rock or shifting sand. When the storms of life hit, our foundation is exposed.