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Unanswered Prayer // Praise & Shine

Sometimes unanswered prayers are a blessing of protection. It’s comforting knowing that our God never makes a mistake, and He has great plans for us.

God could perform every miracle, answer every prayer, and perform acts of omnipotence to prove His power, but He doesn’t. His desire isn’t to force obedience from acts of power. What God wants is for us to know Him intimately as our Father, Friend, Comforter, Counselor, Lord–willingly, not under compulsion. Only faith can summon a response of love. Untested faith is unreliable faith, and without faith, it is impossible to love God.

We don’t grow in comfort. It’s in hard and discouraging times that don’t make sense; that our faith is strengthened and made more resilient. It is in these times that we lean into the Lord even more.

The best days are still ahead, so get ready! Stay in high anticipation of what God has planned for you, and do not be discouraged by unanswered prayer.

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