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Showtime with Scott

The weekend is upon us, and you’re looking for something to do. Scott has you covered with Showtime, new release box office, DVD and Blu-ray hits to keep you entertained. Showtime with Scott every Friday in the 10a and 5p hours only on Quicksie 98.3!

Showtime With Scott 53

New Blu-ray and DVD releases start with “You Should Have Left”. Next is “Legacy Of Lies”. And here’s something scary…“Reborn”.

And, as part of the summer movie series, The State Theater is showing “The Croods” tonight at 7. Tickets are $1…visit

Showtime With Scott 51

Out on Blu-ray and DVD is a movie I recently became aware of, and I plan to see it this weekend…it’s “Becky”. This next movie is titled “V H Yes”. Martial arts fans certainly remember the 1973 classic Bruce Lee film “Enter The Dragon”, and about a year later, there was a 1974 movie called “Enter The Fat Dragon”. Well, now there’s a new version of that movie just released this.

Well, kick up your heels and chill out with a good movie this weekend!

Showtime With Scott 49

Ready for more movies? Just released this week on DVD and Blu-ray is “Force Of Nature”. And with July 4th upon us, there are many patriotic and war movies to pick from, including “Patton”, “Act Of Valor”, “American Sniper”, “13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers Of Benghazi”, “1917”, “The 15:17 To Paris”, “Courage Under Fire”, “Uncommon Valor”, “Sgt. York”, “The Best Years Of Our Lives”, “Black Hawk Down”, “Three Kings”, “The Patriot”, Stalag 17”, “They Were Expendable”, “From Here To Eternity”, “Pearl Harbor”, “Midway”, “The Dirty Dozen”, “Full Metal Jacket”, “All Quiet On The Western Front”, and that’s just a sampling of great films to choose from.

All of us at Quicksie wish you a safe July 4th weekend.  God bless America!