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Showtime with Scott

The weekend is upon us, and you’re looking for something to do. Scott has you covered with Showtime, new release box office, DVD and Blu-ray hits to keep you entertained. Showtime with Scott every Friday in the 10a and 5p hours only on Quicksie 98.3!

Showtime With Scott 35

With all theaters closed for now, we put the spotlight on DVD and Blu-ray releases this week, starting with “1917”. Also out this week is the 2020 version of “The Grudge”. And how about this one….”The Song Of Names”. And let’s not forget this one…”Clemency”.

Whether you rent or buy, whether it’s Blu-ray or DVD, enjoy the show!


Showtime With Scott 34

Because many theatrical movies that were to have opened already have been delayed because of the current state of things regarding the Corona virus pandemic. This will be a different edition of Showtime with Scott.

With that in mind, and with people staying in their homes, there is some movie news to share with you, and that is the announcement from Universal Pictures announcing this past Monday that it’s making some of its current film releases available to stream on demand starting this week. Among the movies currently in theaters that are available to rent starting today on demand services like Comcast, Sky, Apple, and Amazon will be “The Invisible Man”, “The Hunt”, and “Emma”. The cost is $19.98 per film for 48 hours. DreamWorks Animation’s Trolls World Tour will be on demand starting April 10th, the same day it is set to be released in North American theaters.

Also new this week on DVD and Blu-ray… “Jumanji: The Next Level”, “Black Christmas”, and “Richard Jewell”.

Stay safe, and on with the show!


Showtime With Scott 33

Heading into the weekend, we’re ready for more new movies! Starting with “Bloodshot”. Up next is “My Spy”. Also opening this weekend is an inspiring movie of faith, “I Still Believe”,

Blu-rays and DVD’s out this week include “Spies In Disguise”, “Bombshell”, Charlie’s Angels, and “Uncut Gems”.

Let’s movie!


Showtime with Scott 32

Opening today, from Walt Disney Pictures and Pixar Animation Studios, it’s “Onward”. Also at theaters now is “The Way Back”.

Blu-ray and DVD releases this week include “Dark Waters”, “Playmobil: The Movie”, and “Titans: The Complete 2nd Season”.

Have fun this weekend!


Showtime with Scott 31

As we conclude February, new movies have arrived just in time! Starting with “The Invisible Man”.

This week’s DVD and Blu-ray releases include “Frozen 2”, “Knives Out”, and “Color Out of Space” starring Nicolas Cage.

Grab some popcorn, let’s catch a movie!