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The weekend is upon us, and you’re looking for something to do. Scott has you covered with Showtime, new release box office, DVD and Blu-ray hits to keep you entertained. Showtime with Scott every Friday in the 10a and 5p hours only on Quicksie 98.3!

Showtime with Scott Ep. 52

First there was Olypus has Fallen, then came London has Fallen, and now the latest chapter in the trilogy, Angle has Fallen. Also in theaters now is Ready or Not and an uplifting faith biased film, Overcomer. The latest on Blu-ray and DVD include A Dogs Journey and Bright Burn.


Showtime with Scott Ep. 51

In theaters now, the flightless birds and scheming pigs take their feud to the next level with Angry Birds 2. Also showing is Good Boys. Up next can you handle some more under water tear? 47 Meters Down: Uncharged also showing. New releases include Unplanned and Avengers End Game.