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Terrie Burgan, Lincoln Trail District Health Department

As we enter the 8th month of the Covid-19 Pandemic here in the United States we check in with Terrie Burgan of the Lincoln Trail District Health Department to see how Hardin and surrounding counties are dealing with their fight against Covid-19.

Envision Elizabethtown

Recently the City Council of Elizabethtown approved the cities new comprehensive plan entitled “Envision Elizabethtown: 2040”. The plan covers the steps the city can take over the next twenty years to continue to grow and develop. To talk more about this plan Zach Epperson talks with Aaron Hawkins, the city planner.

Matt Deneen

Elizabethtown is home to miles of beautiful scenic trails. Just last year the city was names the states first ever Urban Trail Town for the Greenbelt Trail System. This week Matt Deneen, the special events coordinator, board member for Greenspace and the chairman for the Elizabethtown Trail Town advisory board, will talk about the honor and more about Greenspace.