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Famers Markets // Community Forum

With Farmers Markets across the area beginning to reopen this week we have Larry Thomas a local grower in Hardin County, Member of the Hardin County Farmers Market and Hardin County Reginal Farmers Market Association, to talk about Famers Markets and their importance.

American Red Cross Month // Community Forum

WQXE/WULF Lead News Reporter Zach Epperson talks with Jennifer Capps, the Executive Director for the South Central Kentucky Chapter of the American Red Cross. March is American Red Cross Month, so the two discuss the history of the organization, what the mission of the Red Cross is, as well as what services it provides. Capps also discusses the organization’s work amidst the pandemic, how the organization is still able to carry on its mission, and how individuals can volunteer.

Diabetes Awareness Day // Community Forum

March 23rd is Diabetes Alert Day, and WQXE/WULF Lead News Reporter Zach Epperson talks with Vanessa Patty and Betty Bryan, two diabetes specialists with Baptist Health Hardin, about the annual alert day. The two details the area’s diabetes statistics (which include Hardin, Breckinridge, LaRue, Grayson, and Meade counties), as well as how individuals can assess their risk of diabetes. Finally the two share their thoughts on the effects of Covid-19 on diabetes, and whether or not it could cause more cases in the future. 

Nolin RECC’s Operation Roundup // Community Forum

WQXE/WULF Lead News Reporter Zach Epperson talks with Price Smith, the board chair for Nolin RECC’s Operation Roundup. Smith talks about the annual program, how funds are raised, and how the organization determines what projects are recipients of the grants. Finally Smith outlines the kind of projects considered for the grants, and what memories he has of past community projects coming to fruition.

One Year Later: Covid-19 in the Commonwealth of Kentucky // Community Forum

WQXE/WULF Lead News Reporter Zach Epperson once again talks with Terrie Burgan, the Public Information Officer of the Lincoln Trail District Health Department, as Kentucky marks its one year anniversary of Covid-19. Terrie details the early days of the pandemic, as well as what preparations were taken to educate the public and raise awareness. Burgan also discusses the strides the health community has taken to combat the virus, as well as what the future holds in terms of the pandemic.