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Community Forum

Get to know YOUR community. The WQXE News team hosts Community Forum every Sunday morning at 7 AM on Quicksie 98.3 with interviews of local leaders about issues that impact your community.

Kelly Bush, E-town Independent Schools

This week we continue our talks with local superintendents about how a return to school looks for their school district. Zach Epperson speaks with the soon to be new superintendent of Elizabethtown Independent School District, Kelly Bush.

Nick Carter, Breckenridge Co. Schools on Return to Instruction

This year going back to school will be one of the most difficult in recent memory for students and staff alike as thy find themselves returning to instruction amidst a pandemic, the likes of which we haven’t seen in over 100 years. For the next several weeks we will be talking with superintendents from our area school districts to hear from them about how their districts plan to return to school. To start off our multi week series we talked with Nick Carter, superintendent of Breckenridge County Schools.