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Hardin County Schools Announce New Mitigation Strategy: Test to Stay

This evening, Hardin County Schools announced a voluntary mitigation strategy in hopes of keeping students in the classroom. Test to Stay was created by the Lincoln Trail Health Department on guidance from the Kentucky Department of Public Health.

“Day zero is your day of exposure. Then from day 1-5, you would come to the school, you are swabbed. It is a rapid antigen test. You wait with your parent, and then if it’s a negative test you go on in and have school for the day. We love our students and we love our staff. We just want them to know we want to keep them safe and keep them in school as best as we can,” stated Janay Sutton, Director of Health and Family Services for Hardin County Schools.

Students wanting to participate must be entirely asymptomatic and quarantine when not in school. If a student has a positive test, they will be sent home and proceed with normal isolation guidelines. The Board believes this is the best option to keep students safe and in the classroom. 

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  1. JUNE

    My question is who is paying for all these tests you are requiring them to take…many kids do not have any type of health insurance coverage. Even if they did would the insurance keep paying for ALL these required tests? If not insurance paying where is the school system getting money to handle all the cost of these tests?

  2. Amanda Cudnik

    I wish that students had the option of NTI. My daughter has been quarantined twice this year and sent home for 10 days each time. She made sure all the work required was completed and turned in. Save me the step of getting a phone call from the school and being told I need to pick her up ASAP- whether I’m at work or not! I’ve had to leave work twice now. In no way, shape or form am I blaming the school- they’re doing what they’re supposed to be doing… nor am I griping about the virus. I know it’s real, I pray for those struggling with the virus whether it be directly or indirectly. It has definitely changed our world and our kids’ world. It’s not suppose to be like this 😞 What I’m saying is, give families the option of keeping them home and keeping up online. It’s not going to hurt anyone, these kids are already effected academically. A lot of kids learned better at home with Google classroom as well. After fall break, give us the option to stay home! I’m so afraid were going to see a huge surge over/after fall break! These kids don’t need to risk being sick over the holidays! Just my opinion on the subject.

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