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Elizabethtown Man Involved in Moore High School Incident

An Elizabethtown man who was teaching at Moore High School in Jefferson County was involved in an incident with a student on Monday. William, Bill, Bennett has been identified as the teacher in question on multiple videos widely circulating on social media. It is unclear from the footage how the incident began, but Bennett can be seen in a physical encounter with a male juvenile. Bennett posted on his Facebook today that he has an attorney and has been advised not to speak regarding the situation. He did state that he feels like the whole narrative has not been made public due to complete school footage or actual statements not being released. Jefferson County Public School Spokesperson Renee Murphy did not identify the teacher by name, but said he has been reassigned to a non-instructional role and an investigation is underway. 

Bennett previously served 2 terms as an Elizabethtown City Councilman. He ran unsuccessfully in 2020.

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