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Kentucky Railway Museum steams ahead with Christmas event

As another organization impacted by covid-19, the Kentucky Railway Museum has seen it’s attendance impacted by the virus and it’s accompanying restrictions.

“Our percentages are way down from last year, and that’s because we’re only able to un once every week,” Museum spokesperson Lynn Kustes explained. “That’s had an impact on our numbers, as well as revenue.”

With that in mind, the museum is moving ahead with their plans for their annual Sanat Express, which Kustes confirmed was one of their largest events, usually selling out in advance. But the museum is still going to have to slash capacity for the holiday excursions.

“We are to have that event at 50% capacity, which is a huge drop for us,” Kustes said. “Typically, we have 300 people on our trains per trip. So you’re talking about dropping those numbers to 150 people.”

Tickets to the event are on sale, and can be found on the museum’s website.

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