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Hardin Co. Schools Back to School Plan

Superintendent Terrie Morgan explains and answers some questions about the 2 options for returning to school for the Hardin County School District. 7/6/20

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  1. Jon Groves

    The parents should have more time to make a decision regarding return to school or online instruction, and not be put on the spot during a phone call. We should have an in person town hall to vigorously discuss/debate the topic. Bilateral talks between the school and the parents of one home robs parents of the chance to hear other parents’ concerns and to respond to them. Where is the PTA on this one?
    Make no mistake this is about social change, all who attend school, will be required to wear a mask — no descent is possible.

    Counter proposal for Hardin County: Attend school without a mask (indicating you accept the risk) vs staying home if you want to avoid covid (indicating you do not accept infection risk). Atleast then we all aren’t working with some inverted logic of common sense.

  2. Christopher Alborough

    What kind of supposedly educated individuals believe that a cloth mask and a whole bunch of fear will stop anything?… insanity. The illness is so bad they have to wear a mask… but they get food so they take off the mask to eat… then put the mask back on.. Then the don’t talk to other kids or play and socialize because they have to yell at each other from 6 feet. Who believes that Children will even try to maintain this standard. They will take them off and put them on and hug their friends, touch the wall and put there finger in their eye, all while a teacher constantly chastised and told hey will die or kill grandma. They can randomly be isolated by teachers seemingly abstractly. But if someone does have a fever they will be sent home. The school will not close they will just be sent home. This should tell you how much of a farce this is. Should we also have the kids hid under the desk because of the Cuban missile crisis.

    Do we seriously have educators that believe that an old sewn up shirt can stop anything? If so, I would question the intelligence of the people teaching our children.

    I’m not buying into the creepy “New Normal that is being set here. I will be at that board meeting. In case you can’t read through the BS put by click-bait media. 0 children have died from COVID… let me state that again ZERO CHILDREN HAVE DIED. Numbers are constantly being misrepresented by the media. The standard that is deemed safe seems to fluctuate wildly. If only we call the student protesters then the virus skips them over… Problem solved.

    If my children can not go to a normal sain school with normal sain teachers then my children will be dis-enrolled from the Hardin county schools and I will be homeschooling. I will also do everything in my power to ensure that I take the funding with me and away from Hardin county school system, save it for the tax payer.

    If the board believes the virus is so bad that my kids have to go to some dystopian nightmare schools then ill save them the trouble of educating them.

  3. Christopher Alborough

    You removed my comments from a public Discourse about my childrens education
    This is a very disturbing violation.

    If we can not have a normal school year and you force my kids to where useless mask then I will home school and remove funding.

    The NTI was useless last spring and the online academy will be no better this fall.

    • Quicksie 98.3

      Please understand we did not “remove” your comment. Our system holds comments for moderation. This is to limit spam. We value all our listeners opinions. Thanks for listening, and providing your feedback.

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