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June 10th – Vine Grove tops list of fastest growing cities in Kentucky

New census information for the state of Kentucky shows that one Hardin County community has expanded. Data from the 2010 Census, as well as recent census data, shows that the city of Vine Grove is the state’s fastest growing city.

The previous census reported that the community was home to 4,520 residents in 2010, and had jumped nearly 27% to an estimated 6,340 residents in 2019. Vine Grove mayor Pam Ogden attributes the growth of the community to many things, including the safety of the community, as well as a large base of military residents, among other things.

“We have a lot of retired military that decided that stay, so that we have a lot of people that were born and raised in Vine Grove that decided to stay, myself included,” Ogden explained. “So I think that when people are thinking about where they want to retire or where they want to raise their kids, I think Vine Grove is one that they chose rather quickly.”

Vine Grove was also voted Kentucky’s safest city earlier this year.

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