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June 10th – Elizabethtown Independent to establish “Equity Plan” for district

One area school district is taking steps to address educational shortfalls and barriers for students. Elizabethtown Independent Schools announced the district’s new ‘Equity Plan’ in a social media post yesterday. According to superintendent Jon Ballard, the plan was conceived in the spring of 2019, when, as he described, the district took a “hard look in the mirror.”

“We had some areas that we needed to address, and that started… when we looked at our achievement gap,” he said.

Ballard says the contents of the plan, which includes community building and and helping to raise awareness were conceived out of several focus groups comprised of community leaders, teachers, parents, and students.

“They’ll keep it real for you,” Ballard said. “They don’t mind opening up; it was telling in a lot of those [meeting].”

Ballard says the district’s plan is to ultimately make sure that students are welcomed into a “nurturing” learning environment.

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