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Over 400 Heaven Hill Employees On Strike

This past week, Bardstown held their annual Bourbon Festival, but not everyone was celebrating. 

Many Heaven Hill Distillery employees like Judy Osborne have been on strike against one of the largest suppliers of distilled spirits in the country since September 11th.

“Heaven Hill is very big and family-oriented. This is family-owned, but it’s their family now, it’s not our families anymore. People think we’re just out here for the wages, and that’s not true. We’re out here mainly for our families. We’ll go back to work tomorrow, if they treat us fairly.”

Currently, over 400 employees are on strike.

Feeding America in Need of Volunteers

Feeding America Kentucky’s Heartland is in need of volunteers.

“We only have 30 employees, so we rely heavily on volunteers. For every hour that they volunteer, Anthem Foundation has stepped up, and they’re donating $10 for every hour that a volunteer works from now until December 31st,” says Executive Director of the program, Jamie Sizemore. For every dollar in donations, we can acquire up to 8 pounds of food. Volunteers can also help pack bags or boxes of food at their 300 Peterson Drive location in Elizabethtown on Fridays from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Schedule a time to volunteer at

Crawford Farms Opens September 25th

As fall approaches, Crawford Farms is preparing to open on Saturday. Co-owner Mason Crawford is looking forward to opening day.

“It’s a good opportunity for families to come out. We love having folks visit and see how things are grown. We’re open for 6 weeks a year, but it’s basically a 12 month commitment to make those 6 weeks go off as seamlessly as possible. Every minute we’re not at our regular jobs, we’re here at the farm.”

The Farm has over 1,000 kids registered to visit the site. The farm is a safe and family friendly environment that features fun activities for any age. 

Feeding America, Kentucky’s Heartland: Hunger Action Day

Today is Hunger Awareness Day. Nearly 250,000 individuals in the state rely on food provided by Feeding America, Kentucky’s Heartland annually. The organization has distributed more than 24 million pounds of food which has provided more than 20 million meals since the pandemic began. Still, Feeding America is still in need of volunteers. Schedule a time to volunteer at 

Pritchard Community Center to Host Co-Ed Volleyball

The Pritchard Community Center will begin offering co-ed volleyball starting at the end of the month. “When we renovated Pritchard, we got a new volleyball net and poles. We’re doing a co-ed league, it’s $175 per team. At least 6 on the court at a time, maximum of 8. That will be every Tuesday starting on the 28th.  We’ll start about 6 p.m.,” stated Travis Wells with the Parks and Recreation department. For more information or to register, visit