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May Is Motorcycle And Bike Safety Awareness Month

The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet wants to remind Kentuckians to watch out and share the roadway with all highway users. The month of May is Motorcycle And Bike Safety Awareness Month and the Cabinet’s Office of Highway Safety is joining The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in sharing tips to help prevent crashes, injuries and deaths on the commonwealth’s roadways. Drivers are reminded to perform regular visual checks using mirrors and looking at blind spots before changing lanes and to use turn signals before lane changes to alert others of your movements. Motorcyclists are encouraged to wear a DOT compliant helmet, wear bright color protective gear along with reflective tape and stickers to increase visibility while positioning themselves in the lane to maintain visibility and using turns signals and hand signals to indicate movements. Bicyclists should wear a properly fitted helmet, scan ahead for obstacles in your path and ride in the same direction as traffic while also using hand signals to communicate your movements to traffic around you. Kentucky haD over 1500 crashes involving motorcyclists in 2022 which resulted in 99 motorcyclists deaths. More information can be found at

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