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Young Elizabethtown Child Falls From Window, Mother Arrested

An Elizabethtown neighbor had to call 911 after a young child fell from a second story last night and a neighbor had to call 911 to get the child medical treatment. Elizabethtown Police Spokesperson Chris Denham stated, “Shortly before 8:00 PM Thursday night, we were called to a residence on Wingfield Court in  reference to the report that a small child had fallen from a second story window. At arrival,  responding officers found the home to be in deplorable condition. The investigation revealed that a two year old fell from the window and the child’s mother, Allie White, wasn’t even aware of the incident until being alerted by a neighbor. After finding out., White took the child back into the residence instead of contacting E.M.S. but did contact the child’s father, Matthew Norfleet. During an interview, White admitted to frequently locking the child in the second story bedroom, unattended, and knowing that the window was broken, giving the child the ability to open it. Allie White was arrested and charged with endangering the welfare of a minor as well as criminal abuse in the second degree. Norfleet was charged with endangering the welfare of a minor. The involved children were taken to a safe location following intervention from Child Protective Services.” The mother is being lodged in the Hardin County Detention Center. The investigation is ongoing. 

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