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Tourism Commission, City Council To Hold Joint Meeting To Discuss Development Issues

The Elizabethtown City Council and Elizabethtown Tourism and Convention Commission will be holding a joint meeting today at 2:00 PM. The meeting will be held at City Hall in the 3rd Floor Conference Room and the purpose of the meeting is to discuss development issues. The City Council will also be holding its regularly scheduled meeting at 4:30 PM where the Council will hear the first reading of the ordinance to discuss the proposed Entertainment Destination Center and the licensing which were presented last week during the work session meeting. The agenda also notes that a Special Meeting will be held on March 27. This was discussed briefly at the March 14 work session to get the second reading of the Entertainment Destination Center ordinance completed before April. Due to spring break, the meetings normally scheduled for the first two Mondays in April have been canceled which would have delayed the ordinance to mid April. The City Council and Tourism Commission want to submit the paperwork and begin the process of obtaining the license ahead of summer tourism events.

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