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Quicksie vs The Wolf Community Blood Drive Tomorrow

98.3 WQXE and 94.3 The Wolf are holding a community blood drive tomorrow at the Pritchard Community Center. “Blood is used every two seconds somewhere in the United States. So that need never goes away. With the weather, some people aren’t out donating. But the problem is, the need for our patients doesn’t go away. And that is our top priority is to make sure every patient gets what products they need and when they need them.,” said Red Cross spokesperson Tammy Ritchie. If you have never donated blood before, Ritchie explains the process. “You come in. You do a medical history. We screen to make sure you’re okay to donate. Once you go through that, you go over, you lay on a comfortable bed. Our staff walk you through the whole process. I call it a little pinch in the arm and that little pinch in your arm will help three patients in our area hospitals that need blood.” The Quicksie vs Wolf blood drive is tomorrow from noon to 5pm. You can get more information or register online at

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