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Multiple Law Enforcement Agencies Share Details Of Ongoing Bank Related Scams

Multiple Law Enforcement agencies are warning citizens of scammers posing as local reputable banks or businesses. “Scammers are sending messages via email claiming that your accounts have been compromised and offering virus or malware services.  They have enough information about your accounts to appear believable. These criminals will ask for access to your computer and remotely make changes to your accounts,” says Hardin County Sergeant Marvin Rhinehart. According to the Hardin County Sheriff’s Office, they have opened two separate cases regarding the scams.
Additionally, the Radcliff Police Department reports that consumers will receive a call that appears to be a local bank’s phone number but the number on the caller ID has been spoofed by scammers. The scammer will represent themselves as a Fraud Detection Agent warning you of suspicious activity and guide customers to verify their identity by providing online banking credentials and passcodes used to log into your account. Customers will be told not to log into their account or contact the bank for 48 hours while the investigation is ongoing. Citizens are being reminded that if you receive a call like this, hang up and use a number known by you to contact your bank to verify suspicious activity. 

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