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Elizabethtown Awarded Federal Grant For Study Of Sidewalks, Bike Lanes and More

Last week the US Department of Transportation announced that Kentucky would receive $25 million as part of the federal Safe Streets and Roads for All grant. The City of Elizabethtown will be receiving $200,000 of that money to conduct a study to assess the needs of the community. “Melissa Nepi writes our grants for the city. She applied for a Federal Grant and it’s called Safer Streets. Currently we have been awarded $200,000 and that $200,000 is to take a look at the city and look around different locations at things that we may need – like sidewalks in certain places, bike lanes or street widening. Anything that could make our streets safer. So we’ve been granted $200,000 to do the study. The hope and the plan is as we do our study and show how we will utilize the money, that we will be awarded money every year to implement the plan,” says City Spokesperson Amy Inman. The Safe Streets and Roads Grant funds initiatives at the local and regional levels to prevent roadway injuries and deaths. 

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