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Active Shooter Training in Larue County

The Hodgenville Police Department will be holding active shooter training next week. Chief of the Hodgenville Police Department, James Richardson stated,”We are running that active shooter training, from start to finish, as if it were a real-world event. So, the police department will respond, take care of the threat, and secure the scene. EMS will then take over, triage patients, get folks taken care of, get them where they need to be. Then the school will take over, and do their portion of reunification and notifying parents.” The training will be held at Larue County High School next Wednesday, November 7th, beginning at 8 am. There will be multiple agencies participating in the event. Richardson continued, “Basically, all the agencies that would come to bear, if there were an active shooter or something of that nature on school property. So, we will have the fire department, EMS, and police departments, we are going to have all kinds of folks from around the area, and resources from outside the county. So, you may see other police departments, sheriffs offices and ambulance services and the like.” For more information visit the Hodgenville Police Department’s Facebook page.

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