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CASA of the Heartland Mural

Casa of the heartland is unveiling a mural next week. The mural will be unveiled next Thursday, November third, at the casa of the heartland building in Elizabethtown from 8 to 11 am. Executive director Norma Hatfield stated, “We got a grant through the fort Knox spouses community club, which allowed us to do this. We are so excited that folks are going to see a little more about the kiddos that we serve, since we can’t show their faces. For me, what i like to think about is that, whenever anyone walks in or out of the office, it serves as a reminder that these kids leave an imprint on our hearts and minds.” The mural consists of hand prints of local children served by the organization. Casa purpose with this is, to help raise awareness of child abuse and neglect in Hardin County.

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