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It’s Just a Little Hocus Pocus // Showtime

Last weekend at the Box Office
See How They Run $1.9M
Barbarian $4.8M
Avatar $10.5M
The Woman King $11M
Don’t Worry Darling $19.4M

New to Theaters
Smile (R)
Bros (R)
The Good House (R)

New to streaming
Argentina, 1985, PrimeVideo
My Best Friend’s Ecorcism (R), PrimeVideo
Entergalactic (Series), Netflix
Rainbow, Netflix
The Greatest Beer Run Ever. AppleTV+
Hocus Pocus 2 (PG), Disney+

New to Blu-ray and DVD
Thor: Love and Thunder (PG-13)
The Munsters (PG)

Grab some popcorn, pull up a seat and enjoy the show!

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