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Attorney General Daniel Cameron joins 16 State Coalition; “California should not be able to dictate car emission standards in Kentucky”

Attorney General Cameron joined a coalition of states urging the Environmental Protection Agency to not reinstate California’s waiver in the Clean Air Act, which would allow California to regulate new car emission standards.. During the Trump Administration the waiver, which had been in effect decades before, was taken away. With the Biden Administration in office the waiver had been proposed to come back.  There are currently 16 states, including Kentucky, in the coalition that attempts to point out that allowing California to set carbon-emission standards requires vehicle manufacturers to make changes to the entire vehicle, forcing other states to comply with California’s standards. Cameron argues that California policy priorities are different from those of the commonwealth. The waiver was originally given to California to control their severe smog problem. The coalition hopes to prevent the waiver from coming back to protect the sovereignty of the states. 

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