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Two E’town intersections to be converted to mini-roundabouts this summer

This summer, two Elizabethtown intersections are set to be converted into mini-roundabouts. Intersections along Main Street at Crutcher and Poplar will be installed as part of Highway Safety Improvement Program. 

District 4 Transportation Spokesperson Chris Jessie says that while these two are the first projects, five others are in the near future. Other intersections set to be converted as part of the program include:

  • Executive Drive and Commerce Drive
  • Dolphin Drive and Josale Drive
  • Poplar Street as Sycamore Street
  • Poplar Street at Mantle Avenue
  • Woodland Drive at Laymen Lane

The five upcoming projects, Jessie says, are in the process of right-of-way acquisition. The two for this summer were billed as one project. A contract on those has not been awarded at this time.

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