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Man arrested in connection to December robbery

An Elizabethtown man was arrested Wednesday after allegedly taking part in a December 26th robbery. According to arrest records, the incident occurred late last month. Warrants state that the suspect, Henry Bester, was tasked with driving the victim to a location on Sonora Hardin Springs Road. When they arrived, the victim was jumped by 2 males, as well as bester. The victim was held at gunpoint at one point by one of the other males, eventually being struck with the weapon. The victim was left bleeding and bruised, being put back into the car driven by Bester, who drove to a location for the victim to get money. Bester was also arrested on another warrant, in which he allegedly took part in taking auto parts from a recycling center. He was lodged in the Hardin county detention center on a 75,000 bond.

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