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With state and district differences, school officials point community to their data

A quick look at the state of Kentucky’s COVID-19 school data would show that Hardin County Schools has 10 active cases. But in reality, the district has only 6 active cases.

As a result of the discrepancies, officials with Hardin County Schools are trying to direct attention to their own website, which they say is more up to date than the state’s data.

District spokesperson John Wright

The issue in question comes from whether or not some of the active cases are from in-person students, or online learning.

That is, those who have never been on a school campus this year.

Wright says the district’s website provides that information, unlike the state’s.

The state’s website includes a tally of a district’s total number of cases, but isn’t clear on which cases were in-person or not. Updated information can be found daily on the Hardin County Schools website.

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