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So far, jail reports no COVID cases during pandemic

Months after the beginning of the pandemic, the Hardin County Detention Center has seen no positive cases of covid-19 among the inmate population, something Jailer Josh Lindblom says is due to the jail’s health policies.

Jailer Josh Lindblom

Lindblom says the jail’s population since the start of the pandemic has decreased, down from over 800 to around 615. Lindblom says the jail did have one positive case, but in a contracted employee.

Lindblom says inmates are tested if they exhibit covid-19 symptoms, but that they are not required. If testing needs to be done, Lindblom says the facility can handle testing capabilities.

Editor’s Note: This story has been updated for clarity in regards to testing

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  1. Georgetta Williams

    The jail does have serval covid 19 inmates there which aren’t getting the proper medical treatment that they need and they sure as hell anit testing anyone my brother is there been sick with chest pains head and stomach pain also have lost 10lbs for the past two weeks needing to go to the hospital right now and I’ve contacted the jail police station and sheriff’s office which all said there’s nothing they can do.. STRAIGHT FACTS HERE..SOMEONE PLEASE HELP

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