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1 officer charged, but in the death of Breonna Taylor

The Jefferson County Grand Jury announced charges against a fired LMPD officer yesterday in the Breonna Taylor case, but not for her death.

Former detective Brett Hankison was handed 3 counts of 1st degree wanton endangerment for actions during the events of March 13th. Ballistic tests revealed that bullet’s from Hankison’s gun ended up in the neighboring apartment’s, not Taylor’s. Hankison was booked and briefly jailed last night before his $15,000 cash bond was secured. The other two officers at the center of the case face no criminal charges.

As expected, the announcement sparked protests last night, not only in Louisville, but across the country. Cities such as New York, Portland, and Atlanta, all saw crowds gathering, protesting the decision that no charges were announced for Taylor’s death. In Louisville, LMPD announced that 2 officers had been shot, with one stable and the other requiring surgery.

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