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Elizabethtown City Council: Wifi for students; police department presented with award

The Elizabethtown Police Department was recognized for their excellence at last night’s City Council meeting. Chief Jeremy Thompson was presented with a plaque from the Kentucky League of Cities after the department’s policies and procedures audit once again came back 100%. Kentucky League of Cities liaison Mark Filburn said he’s asked often about the department’s performance, and said the reason behind it is simple:

“The standard stays high, the leadership stays excellent, and the support from the community is always there.”

In addition to the award presentation, the council also announced that Wi-Fi hotspots would soon be set up in locations around the community to assist students in their online instruction for the upcoming school year. Councilman Marty Fulkerson, who initially brought up the idea, said the service is a way to bridge the gap between students who might have the right devices but no internet access. 

“You can have all the computers you want, but if you can’t connect to  that Google Classroom, the kids still can’t learn,” he said. 

The service will start once the school years for both Hardin County and Elizabethtown Independent Schools begin.

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