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15 years later: A Hardin County resident looks back at Hurricane Katrina

It’s been 15 years since Hurricane Katrina wreaked havoc on the United States, and one Hardin County resident is still impacted by the events, even 15 years later.

Resident Doug Frederick was a resident of Slidell, Louisiana, just over 20 miles from New Orleans when Hurricane Katrina hit. Frederick said he had planned to stay with some neighbors and friends to ride out the storm. But for the safety of his his, he sent him to stay with his older daughter, who lived in Elizabethtown.

For Frederick, the night of August 29th will live with him forever.

Frederick and that group of friends would spend that day and part of the next inside the friends house as the Category 5 storm raged outside.

Frederick says he left Louisiana as soon as it was safe, traveling to Elizabethtown to reunite with his son where they quickly made Elizabethtown their home. At the time, Katrina was the costliest tropical storm ever, eventually tied with Hurricane Harvey in 2017.

The Gulf region is currently preparing for two seperate hurricanes this week.

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