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June 8th – Lincoln Birthplace partially reopens facilities

A regional tourism destination is partially reopening their facilities today. The Abraham Lincoln Birthplace National Park will reopen it’s visitor center to guests today.

“Visitors will be allowed to enter the building, but it is going to look different than what people usually expect,” the park’s Chief of Interpretation Stacy Humpheries said. “We do have little stickers on the floor showing ‘Stay 6-feet Apart’, showing people where they can stand.”

The Visitor Center will also include new signage and marks for guests as they travel into the center’s amphitheater and museum.

“We’re establishing a one-way traffic flow pattern through our building,” Humpheries said, “so that way we don’t have people doubleing back or grouping up.”

“We’re avoiding that so people can still follow those CDC guideline and observe those social distancing guidelines.”

The park’s iconic memorial building will still remain closed at this time.

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