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June 15th – Protests continue around the region

Several protests took place around the area this weekend, both on opposite sides. On Friday night in Brandenburg, a protest regarding the city’s confederate soldier memorial was set to take place at 9 p.m. By overwhelming numbers, counter protesters defending the monument were on scene, many of which were armed. The monument, which had been moved to Brandenburg in 2016 from the University of Louisville’s campus, was barricaded off from the crowd.

Saturday morning in Radcliff brought a different type of demonstration. Nearly 100 citizens gathered outside Radcliff City Hall to hold a march and demonstration. Maya Packer one of the organizers, said that it took only 4 days to organize the event. Radcliff mayor JJ Duvall, as well as police chief Jeff Cross and city council members, were present for the event.

“About a week ago, they called and said ‘We want to do a march here in the community,'” Duvall said. “They wanted it to be a peaceful march, that shows what our community is, what our community does. That we will overcome the hate in this country, and we will show compassion, and that this is what we have in our community.”

After the gathering, participants marched on Lincoln Trail Boulevard, carrying signs and banners regarding the ongoing tensions and struggles around the country.

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