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June 12th – Free dump day for Hardin County residents Saturday

Hardin County residents will have an opportunity to haul away some of their larger items tomorrow. Hardin County Solid Waste and Recycling will be holding another free dump day tomorrow. While the event is free, Solid Waste and Recycling director Stephanie Givens says that there are some restrictions as to who or what can take advantage of the event.

“We’re going to be doing this for all Hardin County resident only, [so] no commercial businesses or contractors,” she explained. “We will not be taking any tires, batteries, or any free-flowing liquids at this time. If you have any refrigerators or air conditioners, [you’ll] need to make sure that the Freon has been removed and that the proper stamp has been applied”

Additionally, those with trailers are asked to cover and contain their items.

The event will run from 7 a.m. until 1 p.m. Additional information can be found on the Hardin County government’s website.

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