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June 11th – New COVID cases for state; local community

Governor Andy Beshear announced 191 new cases of COVID-19 for the Commonwealth yesterday. Governor Beshear once again stressed the importance of testing for residents as experts begin watching for a second spike in cases.

“Not only will this bring you piece of mind and ensure that you’re not spreading it to other people, it also helps us as a state have the data that we need,” Beshear said.

On a local level, five new cases of the virus were announced yesterday. The Lincoln Trail District Health Department confirmed the new cases Wednesday afternoon, with cases being confirmed in Hardin, LaRue, Marion and Washington counties. In total, the department has seen 251 cases. When it comes to the demographics of the cases, officials say that while the age of patients might vary, the gender of those infected is lopsided.

“Most cases in our area are between the ages of 20 and 69,” Senior community epidemiologist Lyndsey Blair stated. “The average age of [COVID] onset is 46.2 years. There is a significant difference in which gender tests positive for COVID-19. Females comprise 61% of the cases in LTDHD.|

Elsewhere, Breckenridge County health officials confirmed just one new case Wednesday, bringing their total number of cases to 23.

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