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6/3/2020- Governor Beshear gives update on protests, COVID-19

In his evening press conference last night, Governor Andy Beshear announced that there are 10,185 cases of COVID-19 in the Commonwealth. Of these cases, 155 were newly confirmed. It is believed that 3,275 Kentuckians have recovered from the virus, however there were three new deaths announced Tuesday, bringing the state’s total to 442. In the midst of the ongoing protests taking place in the state, Governor Beshear said that he hopes to get together with leaders in the African-American community, and also health providers, to have a conversation about improving healthcare. In addition, Governor Beshear announced that on Friday, the United States Supreme Court issued a decision confirming that the Governor’s actions to protect public health were consistent with the United State’s Constitution. The Governor’s Office of General Counsel is making the various federal courts aware of the decision, which should resolve all current cases challenging the Governor’s executive orders.

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