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4/29/2020- Governor Beshear outlines steps for reopening business

In his evening press conference last night, Governor Andy Beshear announced that there are 4,375 cases of COVID-19 in the Commonwealth. Of those cases, 230 were newly confirmed. It is believed that 1,617 have recovered from the virus. However, there were 12 new deaths announced on Tuesday, brining the state’s total to 225. One of the deceased announced on Tuesday was Lillian Press, who was 95 years old. A personal friend of the Governor’s, Press was credited for organizing and directing the Governor’s Scholarship Program. In addition, Governor Beshear explained the ten rules to reopening a business under the Healthy at Work plan. These rules are as follows: continue telework where possible, phase returns to work, onsite temperature and health checks, universal masks and PPE, closing of common areas, enforcing social distancing, limiting face to face meetings, establishing sanitizer and hand washing stations, providing special accommodations to those who are at risk, and creating a testing plan. The Governor noted that by May 11th, everybody working for or visiting an essential business that is reopening should be wearing a mask.

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